The Basenji is a hound dog and belongs to the smaller dog group. They are short-haired dogs with long, pointy ears. An interesting fact about the Basenji is that they find it hard to bark, so they can turn to yodelling instead! Basenji’s come in rich chestnut red, black, tricolour, or brindle. No matter which colour they come in, their feet, chest, and tail tips are always white.

Because the Basenji has such short hair, their shedding is not very noticeable unless you really pay attention and look for fur. Very catlike in nature, Basenji’s tend to groom their own bodies.

Female Basenji’s can grow up to 40 cm in height and can weigh up to 10 kg. Male Basenji’s can grow up to 45 cm in height and can weigh up to 12 kg.